When selecting a breeder make sure that both parents of the litter are FCI registered in their home country or with the FCPR. Our member country of Puerto Rico. The FCPR, Federacion Canofilia de Puerto Rico. That the breeder will provide you with an FCI Export Pedigree if you're getting a pup from abroad or registration pedigree from the FCPR, Federacion Canofilia de Puerto Rico, if the pup is born in North America. 


Many breeders in the Unites States of White Shepherds claim that they are selling you a Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd when in fact the dam and sire may not be registered with the FCPR. They might tell you that the parents of the prospective offspring qualify to be BBS/WSS because they have three generations of white shepherds. Remember! If the breeder can not provide current registration of the parents from the FCPR then you may not be able to ever register your dog as a BBS/WSS.

Good Dog website has a breeder category for Berger Blanc Suisse. The only criteria Good Dog has for distinguishing "Excellent", "Good" etc. is the health tests performed on the breeding dogs of that breeder. Good Dog has many White Shepherd breeders listed as Berger Blanc Suisse breeders. Good Dog does not verify whether that breeder has FCI registration certificates confirming the breed designation. Good Dog would accept any "pure dog" white shepherd breeder without verifying registration papers as an Excellent breeder 
Please when finding your screening a breeder of BBS dogs you ask for copies of the dog's registration certificates to verify the breed of dog the breeder is breeding.

The following breeders in the U.S.A. have agreed to follow the FCI Rules and register their dogs only with the FCPR and Clubs that register the breed as only the Berger Blanc Suisse or White Swiss Shepherd.


          1. Berger Blanc Suisse of Faolan Frost -                                                            California

          2. Wildwood White Swiss Shepherds -                                                     Washington State                                              

          3. Wynter Spirit Shepherds -                                                                    Virginia


          4. Hula Moon Berger Blanc Suisse -                                                  Hawaii

          5. Absolute Dream White Swiss Shepherds -                                                                 California

          6. Smoky Mountains Berger Blanc Suisse -                                                    Tennessee

          7. Misty Mountain Swiss Shepherds -                                                                     Arizona


          8. Von WulfGeist -                                      Minnesota