History of the Berger Blanc Suisse


1930's – SV rejects the white GSDs. It is believed that this decision was influenced by the Nazis dislike of the less intimidating color. A shiver went through the enthusiasts of the white GSD as the demand to cull all white pups born was issued. White GSDs were almost eradicated in Europe.


1960's – White shepherds were bred white to white. Many were imported into Switzerland and the GWS club was formed and created a studbook to represent this developing breed. 


1991– The breed was recognized by the Swiss Dog Club, the LOS.


2001 – The FCI accepts the LOS studbook from the GWS and begins the recognition process of the Berger Blanc Suisse. The registry for this breed was open. White GSDs were evaluated and those that were close to the accepted standard were registered into the provisional registries for the BBS.


2003 – January 1, The FCI registry for the Berger Blanc Suisse closes.


2007 – Circulaire 77/2007 reminds and clarifies to FCI member countries still entering GSD, white into the provisional registration that the registries for the BBS were closed as of January 1, 2003.


2011 – Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd Dog receives full FCI recognition.


2017 – UK recognizes the Berger Blanc Suisse. Named in English, White Swiss Shepherd Dog.


The Road to AKC Recognition


The BBS went through a difficult and tedious process  that lasted 50 years in the making to get full FCI recognition.


Breeding BBS to the approved standard created a breed of dog different from the German Shepherd Dog. Five decades of breeding can change the look and character of a dog significantly.

As it has in the BBS


The process to FCI breed recognition is a similar process to AKC breed recognition.  It took many years to meet certain thresholds to prove breed viability for the distant future.

This breed will have to meet those same thresholds again when the BBS is finally able to begin AKC recognition. 

It could take several years of BBS breeders and enthusiasts to to achieve the same level of integrity and endurance to become as respected as it is in the rest of the world.