As a fledgling breed the imminent recognition of the BBS here in America and Canada can be seriously delayed by loose registration practices. Certain criteria must be met to enable any breed of dog to be recognized by the AKC. First is to increase the numbers of purebred FCI registered White Swiss Shepherd dogs here in the USA in order have enough bloodlines to support the healthy breeding for generations to come. Secondly, a strong national breed club is required to keep accurate records of the registration and supports breeders that adhere to breeding purebred BBS/WSS to the standard of the FCI recognized breed.


The SKG, the Swiss National Club, recognized by the FCI to be the governing club of the Berger Blanc Suisse or White Swiss Shepherd, has published the circular, below, of requirements to protect against loose registration practices of FCI member’s countries.

Circular Circulaire 77/2007 21.06.2007 Zirkular Circular White Swiss Shepherd Dog (WSSD, 347)


As the responsible country for the breed standard White Swiss Shepherd Dog (WSSD, standard 347), the SKG informs us of their concern regarding the current situation as far as the breeding of this breed and the issuing of pedigrees by some FCI member countries are concerned. We share their concern and observe that even after the recognition of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog (WSSD, standard 347) on 01.01.2003 (date of the official recognition), matings with non-purebred subjects (3 generations) from this breed continue to take place or that white German Shepherd Dogs with one or more coloured ancestor(s) are re-registered as WSSD. We remind all FCI member organizations and contract partners that they have to comply with the following:


1. White Swiss Shepherd Dogs (347) CANNOT be mated with white German Shepherd Dogs (GSD, standard 166) since they are two distinct breeds with different breed standards. In order to guarantee that both breeds are correctly separated, it is also important to respect what follows:


2. WSSD cannot be entered in the studbooks of this very breed if a part or all their ancestors (3 generations) were still registered, after 01.01.2003, as white German Shepherd Dogs.


3. It is not allowed to re-register as a WSSD (347) a dog which was registered as a white German Shepherd Dog (166) after 01.01.2003.


4. An accidental white German Shepherd Dogs (white puppy in a litter of German Shepherd Dogs) with one or more coloured ancestor(s) cannot be used for breeding as a WSSD nor can it be re-registered as a WSSD.


It has been determined by the FCI that the UKC White Shepherd has the same restrictions as the white German Shepherd and cannot be registered as a BBS/WSS for all the same requirements listed in the circular.


The AKC, UKC or the CKC are more than happy to register the BBS/WSS but all these associations won’t recognize your dog as the BBS/WSS. These clubs will change the breed of your dog to an AKC or CKC German Shepherd Dog, color white or a UKC White Shepherd. The AKC German Shepherd and the UKC White Shepherd breed to a different standard than the BBS/WSS FCI #347 standard.

The FCI does not take a stern position for a FCI registered dog registering with another club. The ABBSC will not be punitive should a FCPR registered dog be dual registered with the UKC. The ABBSC allows a dual registered FCI BBS/WSS with the UKC but not the AKC. The ABBSC recognizes the lack of availability of conformation and performance shows available to our breed and has moved to allow UKC registering and showing of our member dogs.

The crossbreeding of FCI BBS/WSS with UKC White Shepherds is not allowed. In the United States a legitimate breeding of a FCPR registered Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd to a FCPR registered Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd.

The FCI registration of dogs also registered with the AKC, UKC or the CKC will not be sacrificed but the changing of the breed may cause the delay of AKC recognition as a Berger Blanc Suisse or White Swiss Shepherd. The Directors of the AKC will say “if you want to be recognized as a BBS/WSS, why would you change it to a AKC German Shepherd” The willingness of individuals to be flexible with the breed name shows no commitment to the FCI #347 Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherds. Competing in conformation with dogs not of the same breed is problematic because the breed standards are not the same.


The American Berger Blanc Suisse Club requires that BBS/WSS breeders shall follow the Circular 77/2007 to claim themselves as Berger Blanc Suisse or White Swiss Shepherd breeders.


Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd FCI registration rules for the United States:

  1. All dogs must be registered with the FCPR or both parents must be registered by the FCPR, FCI of Puerto Rico

  2. FCI Export Pedigrees imported from FCI member countries will allow provisional registration until registered with the FCPR. Unless those pedigrees expose violations of the SKG Circular 77/2007

  3. Only breed BBS/WSS registered and in good standing with the FCPR together. Breeding to white shepherds not registered to the FCI Puerto Rico but are registered as UKC White Shepherds or AKC German Shepherd, color white is considered crossbreeding.


The family home looking for an American or Canadian bred White Swiss Shepherd/Berger Blanc Suisse needs to ask to see a copy of the FCPR registration certificate of both the sire and dam. Sometimes a breeder will import a dam from Europe pregnant with a sire also in Europe. If you purchase a pup from this scenario, the breeder should provide you with copies of Export Pedigrees for the parents corresponding FCI member countries and the registration certificate with the FCPR, FCI Puerto Rico.

You would need the breeder to register both parents with FCPR. This is routinely done and there are several dogs registered in multiple FCI member countries. This also happens in artificial insemination. The stud providing the semen needs to get registered in the country of the insemination for the pending pups to be registered, even though the stud stays registered in his country of origin.

A breed of dog is only as good as the integrity of the registration process.

It is also important to ask the breeder to provide the actual health certificates for DM, MDR1, OFA or PennHip Results for hips and OFA elbow results. All breeders screened for recognition as official breeders of the ABBSC have provided all the necessary registration and health certificates of the dogs they are breeding but please see the certificates provided by your breeder. 

The BBS/WSS is a breed that will gain in popularity quickly because of its beauty and exceptional character. The FCI standard must be strongly enforced and consumers must have the necessary education to know what they’re purchasing. Just as several breeds have suffered in quality from breeders trying to cash out on a breed’s popularity, it’s important to be a discriminating consumer so one is not purchasing a white shepherd when they’re trying to buy a Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd.

The ABBSC does not look down on UKC White Shepherds or AKC German Shepherds with color or white. We do however frown on any breeder claiming that they are the same as a Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd. 

The American Berger Blanc Suisse Club is a strong national club needed to promote education which is easily accessible to those future homes of the BBS. This education should persuade breeders to follow the breeding practices of the FCI if they want to claim they are breeding Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd.