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To get full FCI recognition, the BBS went through a difficult and tedious process that lasted 50 years.


Breeding BBS to the approved standard created a breed of dog different from the German Shepherd Dog. Five decades of breeding can change the look and character of a dog significantly, as it has in the BBS.


The process of gaining FCI breed recognition is a similar process to that required for AKC breed recognition.  It took many years to meet the thresholds required to prove breed viability by FCI. This breed will have to meet those same thresholds again when the BBS is finally able to begin AKC recognition. 

It will take ongoing efforts of responsible breeders and enthusiasts within the USA to maintain the FCI integrity of the breed for AKC to consider recognition.

How Can I Help?  

  1. Become a member and join our cause! Whether you own our breed or simply want to support this club all members are welcome!

  2. Submit a monetary donation of support

  3. Encourage other BBS owners, enthusiasts, or breeders to join our club! 

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