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Questions From UKC White Shepherd Breeders

What is the ABBSC opinion on the UKC White Shepherd and the white AKC German Shepherd Dog?


ABBSC does not look down on UKC White Shepherds or white AKC German Shepherds or those that breed them. We are, in fact, indebted to their historic contribution to what is the Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd Dog since initial recognition in 2003. However, we do stand by the belief that any dog should be accurately represented by being advertised solely as the breed they are registered under. UKC White Shepherds should not be advertised as BBS unless they also have FCI registration through FCPR. 


There are breeders who post the logo of FCI, FBBSI, and FCPR who may or may not be breeding real FCI BBS/WSSD's. Sometimes this is done out of ignorance. Other times it is done to be duplicitous and to mislead the consumer into thinking a puppy is something it is not. There are also some breeders who breed both FCI BBS/WSSD and UKC White Shepherds (non-FCI). In this case, we hope that those breeders make it clear to the consumer what, exactly, they are purchasing and what type of registration their puppy will receive, whether UKC or FCPR/FCI. 


What if I am a UKC White Shepherd breeder and want to register with ABBSC?

You may register with us any FCPR registered FCI BBS/WSSD's you own into our ABBSC dog registry database. We will also register offspring of those dogs bred to similarly registered dogs. However, we may not be able to register you as a Breeder Member. Our Breeder Members agree to only breed FCPR registered FCI BBS/WSSD to FCPR registered FCI BBS/WSSD, versus breeding FCI BBS/WSSD to UKC White Shepherds (non-FCI), as the puppies would not be eligible for FCPR/FCI registration. Though our club represents only FCI registered BBS/WSSD, we accept all enthusiasts.


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