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The BBS/WSSD is not yet recognized by the AKC, which makes showing opportunities scarce in the USA. Conformation show opportunities are with the IABCA, ARBA, KCUSA, ICKC and the UKC. UKC and ASCA also have the ability to exhibit in performance events.


The ABBSC recognizes that the next largest show venue in the USA, behind the AKC, is the UKC. We allow BBS/WSSD, in good standing with the FCPR, to register with the UKC for showing purposes only. The BBS/WSSD shall only be bred to other BBS/WSSD in good standing with the FCPR.

ABBSC is working to establish a registry of the BBS/WSSD here in the United States and Canada. Part of that documentation includes our breed participating in dog sporting activities and other dog related activities. Please inform ABBSC of events, training, and accomplishments of your Berger Blanc Suisse. Please send us pictures and videos of your dog's accomplishments in dog activities. We may add them to our website to promote our accomplished breed.



The Conformation Show Dog is a competition that allows certified judges to see how your dog meets the FCI Standard #347. An equivalent of a report card will be filled out that allows you see how your dog measures up to the breed standard. Conformation dogs are encouraged by this club to participate in one or more performance competitions to keep the show dog and working dog looking like the same breed.



Herding is ultimately the reason this dog breed was created. Finding an opportunity to train your dog to herd is highly encouraged. Depending on where you live locating sheep and a trainer could prove challenging, but it would be well worth it.



Training obedience will be a rewarding experience for developing a loyal bond with your BBS/WSSD.


You'll find this dog very capable of tracking. The WSSD/BBS has energy and drive for tracking and search and rescue.


The athleticism and energy that is needed for a competitive agility dog is apparent in the BBS/WSSD. You'll have to find a way to keep up.


A thoughtful, intelligent, and friendly dog predisposes this breed as great TDI therapy dogs. As service dogs, they typically are easily trained for those in need.

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