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To have a good relationship with your dog, a base level of obedience training must be achieved. If you are a novice owner, you will want to seek out basic obedience classes or a trainer to help teach you how to train your dog.


If you'd like a trial in obedience it is recommended that you find an obedience club in your area that will mentor you to be a successful competitor. 


If there isn't a club accessible locally then it is recommended to watch Youtube videos that can demonstrate what will be expected in a trial and then find obedience dog shows to further your education.

The United Kennel Club is another venue available to us to compete in traditional obedience as well as rally obedience. 


Training your BBS or any of your dogs is the best way to enjoy your life with your dog. The more you put into the dog, the more you will enjoy the relationship. Training starts with puppy lessons in walking on a leash and of course house training. Look for puppy classes to help in the early social development of your pup. If you have acquired an adult dog you should start by developing a respectful and trusting relationship with your new dog.  Socialize your dog to support a well balanced dog. If you are having trouble consult with a professional to ensure a smooth transition with your new family member.

Click the button below to contact your local AKC Dog Obedience Club for classes.



Puppy socialization is important in the proper psychological development for your new pet. Organized puppy classes are offered in many areas that give a structured approach to socialization. A class should provide trained instructors that  help teach puppies that friendly strangers and other dogs are nothing to fear. The class may offer different types of training and teach that foreign objects and noises should inspire curiosity not fear. A good puppy class should provide a safe environment for an owner to learn how to train their young pup.


The BBS/WSSD is an intelligent breed of dog. For all BBS/WSSDs, it is best to first participate in some form of basic obedience class and then decide which type of activity you want to pursue.


Identify a group or club that train in the venue that you have chosen. A club provides a learning experience for the chosen sport and also provides beneficial socialization for your dog with like-minded dog owners.


If your dog has special training needs that exceed your ability, contact a reputable professional dog trainer in your area that can guide you through any concerns.

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